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RAD8 MTB Glasses - Review

So recently I was accepted onto the RAD8 MTB Glasses Ambassador program. About 1 month ago I received a couple of pairs of their Model 502 glasses, one with the red mirror lens and the othyer with their blue mirror lens, both of which are polorised too.

Firstly the frames, well, they seem to be of a high quality with hinges which are positive and just stiff enough to let the arms stay put when you move them and that they're not flapping around if for any reason you're trying to pop your glasses back on while riding. There is also a nice amount of flex in the frames which should help if you happen to drop or squash them, or worst case have a little face plant in them. The nose pad is comfy and adjustable, it also looks to be replaceable too which is a nice touch.

Model 502

So on to those lenses. I was a little confused at first as the mirror coating suggested a different tint to that given, so the red mirror glasses gave a very natural blue tint which is easy on the eye, where as the blue mirror lenses gave a yellow / orange tint which works great when in slightly lower light levels as it gives a bit of a boost to the trail making it easier to spot features.

Both options use polorised lenses which I have to say are a revelation. The image through the glasses is so incredibly crisp and clear, I can't remember such an incredible difference even with an old set of Oakley's which also supposedly had polorised lenses.

So far these lenses have done their job and kept light levels just perfect when riding, helping to avoid the eye strain than can occur when riding in such strong sunlight as we generally get here. However, being that it is still officially winter, there have been some cloudy days too, where the blue mirror lenses really come into their own and also a good old monsoon type rainy day where I was able to test out the anti-fog claims of these glasses and lenses. I'm not sure what the coating is, but it works better than any other glasses I've ridden in the rain, the only time they misted up was when I accidentally breathed on them, but that rapidly cleared.

We will have a couple of pairs of these glasses in the minibus, so if you'd like to try some for yourself just ask. Please just remember to give them back at the end!


Red Mirror Left - Blue Mirror Right

Here is an example of the colour of the two lenses. Maybe not the best example but gives the idea. Taken with a phone camera through the glasses lens. Red mirror lens is the left hand picture, Blue mirror is the right hand picture.

Finally the all important pricing. Currently all glasses are available at for the bargain price of just 88 GBP. Now that is a bargain for the quality!