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Our standard 5 day program of Enduro rides which take in the best routes that the island has to offer. You can find a more detailed description of each route below.

We have other routes available and will be happy to substitute one of these for the normal scheduled ride provided that there are no prior bookings.

Please just ask and we will do our best.


All tours are subject to a minimum group size of 2 riders unless by prior agreement or you have reserved a private guide.


We can cater for up to 14 riders and more by prior arrangement. 


Distance: 28kms  Technical Difficulty: 3  Fitness Level: 2  Riding Time: 2.5 to 4 hours 


Starting at an altitude of 2200m above sea level, the Retamares Descent is a popular choice for those who want a not too technical descent.

The route starts on a fast-flowing fire road, but don't relax, the bottom is very loose and slippery and the swagger here is often rewarded with a good dose of gravel rash!

We soon enter the single track section with its narrow, loose hairpin descent and rocky sections to the Boca del Paso viewpoint.

From here we take a few minutes to admire the breathtaking views over the entire southern coast from Los Cristianos through to Callao Salvaje.

After a last piece of single-track and some farm trails, we descend on asphalt in the village of Adeje where we can stop for a breack before tackling the last off-road section, affectionately known as "The Exfoliator" which runs along the pumice ridges. adjacent to the Barranco del Ingles ending on the coast near the village of La Caleta.

Approximate transfer time from south coast resorts - 1hour 15minutes



Distance: 27kms  Technical Difficulty: 3 to 4  Fitness Level: 3 to 4  Riding time: 3 to 4 hours


Pipeline Passages is a route of exciting rocky single trails.

Start on a super fast, loose and rocky jeeppable dirt road, before branching off and descending deep into a barranco (canyon).

From here we begin the real rock & roll on a fantastic rocky single trail, alternating sliding sections with other damn hard and bone shaking with swooping singletrails that plunge in and out of trees and through rocks and boulder gardens, sometimes super steep with hairpin bends drawn on a barely visible trace.

The final part then takes us through molded and hard lava rock terrain, with large steps, loose stone curves and cactus waiting at every corner.

We finish the tour through two last sections that are faster and with infinite curves with support on soft ground alternating with more bumpy sections, which bring us directly back to the urban area of ​​Los Cristianos / Las Americas.

Youtube: Pipeline Passage Route Taster with Lavatrax



Distance: 32km  Technical Difficulty: 4  Fitness Level: 3.5  Riding Time: 4 to 6 hours


This is a classic rocky descent of the island, made up of several trails with different surfaces, ranging from loose rock and pine needles to sandy bottoms and solid, jagged volcanic rock.

Initially we can choose between two paths that take us back to Vilaflor, both quite demanding on a technical level, one relatively easier and the other a rocky and bumpy path with steep slopes that undoubtedly awakens the senses.

We continue through the historic center of Vilaflor to take our next route.

This begins as a country road but soon narrows into a loose rocky single track that descends and crosses a secondary road several times, even here, the route can be chosen based on the level of the participants.

We continue by taking a direct path through the slope, a mixture of volcanic rocks and sandy soil that finally leads us to the village of San Miguel about 600m above sea level.

From here we resume another rocky singletrack in the municipality of Aldea Blanca before a short asphalted stretch that takes us back to the van and then transferred to the hotel.

Approximate transfer time from south cost resorts - 1hour