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1 DAY - 70 €

2 DAYS - 135 €

3 DAYS - 200 €

4 DAYS - 265 €

5 DAYS - 330 €


1 DAY - 40 €

2 DAYS - 75 €  

3 DAYS - 110 €

4 DAYS - 145 €

5 DAYS - 180 €


  1 DAY - 110 €

2 DAYS - 210 €

3 DAYS - 310 €

4 DAYS - 410 €

5 DAYS - 510 €

We do our most to make our guiding as affordable as possible, making it more accessible for you, the riders to enjoy your favourite sport in a foreign country.


Our current rental bikes are  four Mondraker Foxy, two Merida One Forty, one Trek Remedy and one Liteville 601. 

Bikes are equipped with front and rear suspension, dropper post as standard and wheels are 27.5" (650b) tubeless which we feel are the ideal for the trails here in Tenerife.


Small - Suits rider heights from 1.58m to 1.70m approx

Medium - Suits rider heights from 1.67m to 1.78m approx

Large - Suits rider heights from 1.75m to 1.85m approx 

Xlarge - Suits rider heights from 1.85m to 1.95m approx


This season we will have a very limited number of hire bikes. So please book as far in advance as possible to be able to secure the correct bike size.

Please also note that we only hire bikes for use on our guided rides, we do not rent bikes out for general unaccompanied use.

Should you prefer to rent a bike to use away from the guided rides then we recommend Bike Point Tenerife or Freemotion.


Don't forget to make sure that your travel insurance covers you for Mountain Biking holiday in Tenerife. Most standard travel insurance policies will not include cover for this activity.

Proof of valid insurance is mandatory for all our rides. It is also essential to bring your EHIC card. We recommend that riders carry a copy of their insurance documents, copy of EHIC and copy of their passport with them on all rides. It saves time in the unfortunate event that you need to call on them!


We don't want to be party poopers, but there are a few basic T's & C's to cover our hire bikes. 

We want to make sure that the bike you hire is maintained to the best possible standards.

They may have the odd scratch and scrape, but will be in a safe and mechanically good condition.


Should you have problems with your bike, please tell your guide as soon as possible so that the issue can be addressed.  

Unlike hire cars, there is no CDW insurance available for hire bikes, so any damages must be paid for by the hirer.We're not looking to make money from you here, just to make sure that the next person to use the bike receives it in a good condition.

For this reason, we don't charge for any labour to make repairs and we only charge what we pay ourselves for any replacement parts.

Punctures will happen and your guide will always have spare tubes.

Anyone hiring one of our bikes will be deemed to be in agreement with these terms and conditions.



We don't offer a website based booking service as we prefer to chat with you first via email to make sure that we are offering the correct trip for you. So to make a booking please simply send us an email to and include the following information:

  • The dates of your proposed trip

  • How many days you would like to ride​

  • The type of riding you are hoping to participate in (XC or All Mountain / Enduro)​

  • Wether you need bike hire and which size (better specify the height and weight)​

  • Where you will be staying on the island (Hotel or apartments name if possible)​, our pick up zone

  • What sort of riding you are used to, trail centre, bike park, natural trails etc ​

  • Your age and your skill/fit level according with our grading system​

  • Your Phone number

We will then get back to you with availability and also clarify any questions you may have.

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